Welcome to this space where I share my musical
offerings, sacred dance, and stories about my
journey as a student of devotional art in India.

It is my mission to create cross-cultural experiences
that enrich and heal hearts. I believe that all the deficit
of love and true reciprocity on this planet can dissipate
through the practices and principles of Bhakti Yoga.

Here I aim to share with you the timeless teachings
of the lineages that carry this wisdom and my own
journey of transformation having been touched by
their grace and magnitude.

I pray that my offerings may be a reminder of our
common quest – the universal quest for love and beauty.

– Radhika

Try to adjust yourself through sound only,

the subtlemost element of this plane.

Through sound, go on cultivating spiritual life;

and that too must be approached with a serving attitude,

otherwise it will be futile.

We are recommended to approach divinity

through the most subtle element of this gross world.

Although it is apparently nothing to us at present,

this divinity is actually everything.

 – Srila Bhakti Raksaka Sridhara Maharaja