My name is Radhika dasi, meaning  “servant of the divine goddess Sri Radha.”  

It was a name treasured by my spiritual master, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaj who was the greatest influence in my life. My journey as a devotional musician began by his grace and through the inspiration I received in his pure presence. His teachings of Bhakti Yoga brought me on pilgrimages to the sacred heritage lands of India at a very young age – where I was exposed to the the beautiful traditional songs and poetry of the Vaisnava mystics. 

The threads of India’s devotional arts have been woven intricately into almost every aspect of my life and expression. After completing my education at UC Berkeley, I moved to India to dive deeper into my study of the arts. I have spent the past 5 years in India learning traditional folk music, hindustani vocal, Kirtan and the classical Indian dance form of Odissi. During this time I have also had the opportunity to travel with my dear friends the KIRTANIYAS and share Kirtan music in communities around the United States, Europe, India, and Bali. In March of 2019 I released my debut album, “ Braj Mahotsava” a collection of ancient rustic folk songs sung in traditional melody with groovy rhythm, and eclectic instrumentation. 

It is my soul mission to inspire individual and collective healing through sacred sound vibration and soulful artistic expression. In pursuit of love and beauty and in service to love and beauty

— I pray that my offerings may in someway touch your heart.